Thursday, May 19, 2011

VDream's Acquisition

Ouoted from Cheechoo

vDream has recently been acquired by Miami-based Net Element.

Net Element owns the property, which is a website that covers racing around the world. It was a 100% acquisition, and now vDream is under the Net Element umbrella.
What this means to you, the user:
  1. vDream remains on Facebook, Myspace, and Bebo. No change at all here.
  2. vDream will be syndicated on, so vDream will also live there, in addition to the other 3 social networks.
  3. NOTHING else changes. Just as now, we will be a free game. Just as now, we will be user-supported in the form of donations and car/part designs.
  4. In my opinion, the most important change you will see, comes in the form of new features. Lijen and I, now under the Net Element umbrella, will be able to focus much more time on vDream. This could be in the form of new game elements, this could be in the form of new part layers, this could be in the form of new part groupings allowing further customization. This is a great thing for vDream, that is a fact.
About Net Element:
Net Element is a great fit for us, namely being grouped with their property. Not only that, as you see in the image above, Net Element sponsors the Ferrari Challenge racing series, and has their own racing team. The owner of Net Element drives the car shown above. Time to look for a place to put a vDream sticker on it. =)

Woohoo!! Cant wait to see the game go growing and getting better , best APP FB , Myspace , Bebo ever!
 P.S - That 458 is very nice :D

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